Hot off the presses: Slo*Mo — Vol. 1, No. 5


It’s cold in the A, but we’ve got a brand new issue of Slo*Mo hot off the presses to warm your asses up!

This go ’round, we’re serving up our 2014 guide to Atlanta soul music and culture. Peep your eyes on our picks for must-hear albums — including new material by this month’s cover woman Malena Perez (cover photo by Shannon McCollum) — artists to watch and more. Plus: 2014 soul wish lists from the city’s best and brightest and the month’s best concerts and events.

Want a copy? Fresh issues of Slo*Mo are currently available at Moods Music (1131 Euclid Ave., in Little Five Points), Octane on the Westside (1009-B Marietta St., NW), Boxcar Grocer (249 Peters St.) and Apache Cafe (64 Third St., NW).

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