The Summer of Soul: Intro


The first rule about summer in Atlanta is that it’s not over until, like, October. That’s partly due to the weather, which stays warm for a truly hot minute, and also because promoters and event organizers have must-do programming slated to pop off well into the fall. It’s that spirit of never-ending good times that inspired us at Slo*Mo to launch The Summer of Soul — a multi-month campaign designed spread the word about the season’s top local music, artists and events.

The fun kicks off here with special Summer of Soul issue of the magazine, but it continues both on the Web and in the physical world. For the next few months, be sure to visit for news about the latest soul-flavored goings-ons; we’ll not only be sharing info on upcoming live shows and more, but we’ll also be dropping SoS mixtapes and giving away tickets to dope happenings via our weekly podcast Mo Audio. On top of that, Slo*Mo will serve as a co-host to a number of shindigs, so keep your eyes peeled for us at venues around town.

In the meantime, peruse the current edition of Slo*Mo … and stay tuned for one hot-ass time in the A.

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