Now hear this: Brenda Nicole Moorer, BOSCO, Chantae Cann + more


Brenda Nicole Moorer

With summer now a (not-too-distant) memory and fall rolling in with cooler temps, we figured that it was a great time to survey the soundscape and take an inventory of some dope, locally produced music that’s been released in the past few months. Fact is, Atlanta-bred and –based artists, particularly those of the soul-flavored variety, have been busy this year, dropping tons of good stuff to listen and groove to. And to help you find the very best sounds to put in your earholes, we’ve compiled this list of 12 hometown notables with projects you need to grab. Take a look — and then take a listen.

Who: The APX
What: “Electrik Funk”
Why you need to snag it: The debut album by the husband and wife duo known as the APX is brimming with the 1980s-era synth-funk sounds made radio-friendly by big names like Bruno Mars and more underground artists like Jermaine Hardsoul and Zo!, among others. But on “Electrik Funk, the APX has made the creative choice to dive deep into the sub-genre, reveling in its retro vibe and charting a sonic path toward its future.
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What: “b.”
Why you need to snag it: Atlanta-bred singer BOSCO’s latest project since the acclaimed mixtape “Girls in the Yard” (which she recorded with ATL DJ Speakerfoxxx) is steeped in all kinds of good vibey-ness. Her new album — titled “b.” and featuring guest stars like the locally based duo St. Beauty — channels the best parts of ’90s R&B and seasons it with the mellow sonic aesthetics of trap and other contemporary sounds.
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Who: Brenda Nicole Moorer
What: “Brand New Heart”
Why you need to snag it: Singer-songwriter Brenda Nicole Moorer has been having one hell of a
summer: She dropped an album (“Brand New Heart”), staged a debut solo performance at the Atlanta Jazz Festival, and went on to sign a deal with Japan’s P-Vine Records to distribute her new collection of songs in that part of the world. And all those accolades are well-deserved — dripping with jazz, soul, folk and more and wrapped in her super-sweet vocal stylings, “Brand New Heart” is one helluva project. Get yourself a copy … or two.
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Who: Chantae Cann
What: “Sol Empowered”
Why you need to snag it: Hot on the proverbial heels of her debut solo album, “Journey to Golden,” (which dropped last year) vocalist Chantae Cann is back this month with her second
studio LP: “Sol Empowered.” Her new project continues the ethereal soul-meets-jazz sound she’s become known for, but this time around she collaborates with some other singers like PJ Morton,
Tarriona Ball (of Tank and the Bangas fame) and more.
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Who: Daz-I-Kue
What: “BB Boogie: Standing on the Wall”
Why you need to snag it: Production powerhouse Daz-I-Kue is one of the creative forces behind
a ton of records coming from numerous ATLdwelling artists, but with his new BB Boogie project, he — along with a handpicked cadre of singers and musicians — steps into the spotlight. His new “Standing on the Wall” album taps into the boogie sounds of the late 1970s and early ’80s and celebrates those retro styles, while moving the music into the future. The result is a super-fun batch
of tunes that show soul music can still move you on the dance floor.
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Who: Donnie
What: “I Am Donnie”
Why you need to snag it: It seems like when everyone was sleeping, Donnie up and made an official
comeback. Hot off the heels of his most recent album, “The American Mythology,” the beloved singer dropped yet another project — this time the live album “I Am Donnie.” This latest work
collects new takes on songs from across his groundbreaking catalog and, whether you’re a fan or a newcomer, is a must have for anyone who loves soul music.
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Who: Gwen Bunn
What: “Safe Travels”
Why you need to snag it: Folks have been waiting for Decatur-bred singer/producer Gwen Bunn to drop a full-length album since she provided guest vocals on saxophonist Darryl Reeves’ 2012 LP “Mercury.” And with Bunn’s “Safe Travels” — a project drenched in the offbeat, dreamy style she’s been rocking on singles and features over the years — the wait has totally been worth it.
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Who: Kai Martin
What: “All My Life”
Why you need to snag it: Atlanta-based house music legend Kai Martin (just search her name on YouTube) is back on the scene with brand-new music. But this time, with the single “All My Life,” she’s lending her deep, sexy vocals to a jazzed-up soul tune. The song is the first release from her
forthcoming EP … which, we hear, does feature a lil’ house.
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Who: Latrese Bush
What: “The Collection”
Why you need to snag it: Singer Latrese Bush has been dropping a bevy of soul/R&B singles for a few years now, but her recently released album — “The Collection — brings a good chunk of her body of work together in one package. Get a copy, and feast your ears on straight-up hits like “Because of You” (which she recorded with Noel Gourdin), remixes and lots of other
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Who: Miranda Nicole
What: “86” + “For Love”
Why you need to snag it: Another one of the city’s iconic house singers, Miranda Nicole has been teasing a new album, titled “Ginger,” for months, and now she’s officially releasing some material. One track, “86,” is a beat-heavy-yet-soulful song from her new album. The other song, “For Love,” is not on “Ginger” but is a collabo with the production duo Souldynamic. Both tracks serve to further Nicole’s GlamSoul sound — and keep us excited about more new music dropping.
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Who: Miss Miller
What: “Intoxicated”
Why you need to snag it: Although you can catch singer Deborah Miller, aka Miss Miller, singing at venues across Atlanta several times a month, she hasn’t dropped a ton of recorded music until the release of “Intoxicated” this summer. The Daz-I-Kue-produced single is an energetic, percussion-driven love song that’s sure to surprise fans of her more acoustic-flavored live shows.
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Who: Stan Smith + Lee Gomez, aka Splash Gordon
What: “Jammin”
Why you need to snag it: Rapper Stan Smith, who lives in the A, teamed with U.K. producer Lee Gomez for his latest project, taking on the moniker Splash Gordon. The pair’s single, “Jammin,” is a futuristic, funked up, yet buzzy track powered by Smith’s effortless and whimsical (and highly
underrated) flow.
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