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The new era of Slo*Mo Magazine continues with the release of our latest print issue — featuring singer/actor Brenda Nicole Moorer on the cover … plus: BOSCO, Kai Alcé, Donnie, Kipper Jones, Baby Rose, The Pheels, DJ Kemit, Mausiki Scales, Ruben Swift Vidal, Madam CJ + many, many more!

On sale now in Atlanta exclusively at Moods Music (1131 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307) — or buy the magazine online and get it mailed to your front door!

FREE: Download the latest issue of Slo*Mo Magazine

As coronavirus rips through the land and folks find themselves unable to shop for their favorite magazines, we thought now would be a great time to offer some help.

To that end, for a limited time, we’re offering a FREE download of the recently relaunched and redesigned edition of Slo*Mo Magazine. If you haven’t checked out this issue, which celebrates 20 years of soul music in Atlanta, here’s your chance to download and read it for free, pretty much as we presented it exclusively in print.

So, get your download via the following link: Slo-Mo_1_FreeDownload


Kameron Corvet talks Grammys, Sting and Shaggy, 2019 plans + more

Regular readers of Slo*Mo may notice that the focus of this article — Kameron Corvet — has graced the front of our print magazine more than any other artist since we hit the scene in 2013. His frequent appearances in our publication, however, aren’t due to favoritism or payola or anything ethically skewed like that. The fact is, the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/musician just always has some dope stuff on tap.

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Slo*Mo Vol. 5, No. 4: Summer of Soul 2018


This month, we’re unleashing the Summer of Soul — our annual(ish) guide to all things soulful in Atlanta during these hot-ass months. Here’s the lineup for this year’s special edition:

Slo*Mo Vol. 5, No. 3: Featuring Tasha LaRae + More


In this month’s issue of Slo*Mo magazine:

Slo*Mo Vol. 5, No. 2: Featuring Kameron Corvet + More

SloMoCover2018 (2)

This issue of Atlanta’s soul music and culture magazine — aka Slo*Mo — throws the spotlight on rising indie singer/songwriter Kameron Corvet, chatting with him about creating music “by any means necessary.”

Plus: We’re giving some shine to a bevy of new music by some of the top soul artists in Atlanta (and beyond) — folks like St. Beauty, Tasha LaRae and more.


The Top 20 ATL Soul Songs of 2016

Photo: Dejah Greene. Model: Raven Best.

Photo: Dejah Greene. Model: Raven Best.

The year 2017 is gonna be a big one for Slo*Mo Media. Now, that’s not some flippant prediction or straight-up boast — it’s just a fact, based on some carefully considered strategy. In other words, we ain’t bullshittin’ you.

Looking forward to next year, although we can’t reveal all our plans, we can safely say that you’ll be seeing a lot more of us: in print, on the web and in the flesh. Keep your eyes and ears peeled to all the stuff we make (the zine, the Mo Audio podcast, the website, our social media content, etc.) to stay in the loop on all of the newness and expansions.

But before we go knee-deep into 2017, we thought it would only be right to look back at the year in music — specifically the soul music that came out of Atlanta this year.

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