Soul Preview 2016: Mo Upcoming Releases

Beyond DJ Kemit’s long-awaited new project, a ton of other Atlanta-affiliated artists are gearing up to drop music in 2016. Look below, for 12-plus records you should be checking for:


Jermaine Hardsoul
Folks may recognize vocalist/musician Jermaine Hardsoul from his production work with artists like Eric Roberson, but now he’s finally taking the spotlight in a big way with “Lane” — his first full-length solo studio album. Taking a listen to “Lane” (available on all digital platforms January 22) you’d almost think it was a concept album — and that’s due to the 1980s/1990s-era R&B/soul influence that runs through almost every tune. The track “Oh Girl,” for example, channels the spirit of the Prince/Time Minneapolis sound, while songs like “The One Two” (featuring ATL expat singer Carmen Rodgers) is fueled by Chi-town stepper sounds. Look for this album to catapult Mr. Hardsoul deeper into the consciousness of music fans everywhere. More info:

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Mo Sounds: Donnie, Latrese Bush + more

Slo*Mo is dedicated to bringing you the best in music on the regular. Case in point, check out some dope cuts that are out right now from some of Atlanta’s best artists (and one out of towner):


Donnie — “The American Mythology”: At the tail end of 2015, Atlanta soul heavyweight Donnie released a fresh new album, “The American Mythology” — his first since 2007’s “The Daily News.” The project, however, marks a shift for the acclaimed vocalist; songs on the album were crafted more as ensemble pieces instead of vehicles for the singer’s solo expression. The end result is a sound that’s more akin to a Broadway musical’s soundtrack than a straight-up, radio-ready song … and, yo, that’s DOPE. At a time when the music industry needs an injection of creativity, “The American Mythology” is a courageous journey in a bold, new sonic direction. Honestly, it would be amazing if more independent artists did what Donnie has done here: Create a project that couldn’t be made if you were signed to a regular record label. So, let’s celebrate this truly artistic endeavor by snagging a copy or three. More info:

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The Summer of Soul: Summer Soundtrack — Kameron Corvet, Royal, St. Beauty + More

Royal (Photo by Kaya Faery)

Royal (Photo by Kaya Faery)

One of the hallmarks of any great summer is the summer jam. You know what I’m saying: I’m talking about that song (or songs) that drops in or around the hot weather months and is so funky/fresh that it becomes your de facto soundtrack … at least until it starts getting chilly. Well, it turns out that a handful of Atlanta-dwelling (and/or ATL-affiliated) soul artists have stepped up to the plate this year to provide the city, the nation and the whole damn world with some seasonally dope anthems. Here’s a look at a few of the folks behind some of our favorite music of the moment:

Royal: In the last issue of Slo*Mo, we covered the record release party for the hip-hop/rock duo Royal (which went down at Apache Café and was dope as fuck), but we’re back writing about the crew now that its self-titled EP is, as of July 7, in stores. Made up of singer/musician Devon Lee and DJ/MC Mikeflo, Royal channels heaping helpings of sexual energy and political commentary into this debut project — the result is a multilayered collection of songs custom made for unabashed rocking out and analytical dissection. Driven by the single “Crash,” which features drumming legend Lil’ John Roberts on the track and “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” stars Ariane Davis and Mimi Faust in the video, the EP represents a true colliding of worlds … and that’s just what Mikeflo and Lee were going for. “It’s all connected to the culture,” says Lee. “It’s liberation. You have to be inclusive of everybody if you’re gonna reach anybody.” More info:

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Mo Sounds: BOSCO, Julie Dexter & HC3, Jeff Bradshaw + more



BOSCO — “BOY”: The singer rocking the moniker BOSCO isn’t hanging in Atlanta as much as she used to these days, but her musical birth and evolution took place in the A, so she’ll always be linked to the city. That, obviously, makes her recent signing to the Fools Gold label an occasion that all ATLiens should be fucking ecstatic about. Even better: Her new deal paves the way for a spanking-new EP — titled “BOY” — set to debut June 2. “BOY” continues BOSCO’s journey into 1990s-esque soundscapes … reimagined, of course, for 21st century earholes. The EP is six- tunes deep and is propelled by the trap-meets-R&B-tinged title track, “BOY,” co-starring local rap hero Jace. More info: www.

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Singer/dancer Cortney LaFloy plots her next moves

Photo courtesy of Tambor

Photo courtesy of Tambor

Cortney LaFloy may be one of Atlanta’s freshest new singers, but she’s probably known more for her moves on the dance floor. Before ever teaming up with producer Steve ChiProfess and crafting the hit single “Dance 4 You” a little more than a year ago, LaFloy could be spotted tripping the light fantastic at house music events all around town. Lucky for house heads everywhere, her fancy footwork got the attention of Stan Zeff and the folks at the Tambor Music label — and the rest is history in the making. Slo*Mo recently tracked down LaFloy to find out what’s next for the Chicagoland-born vocalist.

Slo*Mo: OK, we’ve been rocking “Dance 4 U” since last April. What’s next for you musically?

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Carmen Rodgers: A Star(gazer) is born


It’s been a minute since Carmen Rodgers dropped some new music. Sure, the Dallas-born/Atlanta-based soul singer’s latest album — titled “Stargazer” — hits stores and airwaves Feb. 17, but her last LP (“The Bitter Suite: The Deluxe Edition”) was released way back in 2011. That long delay between projects, however, was anything but intentional … as Rodgers is quick to point out.

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Hot off the presses: Slo*Mo Magazine Vol. 1, No. 7


The May 2014 issue of Slo*Mo Magazine is out NOW!

Get your hands on our latest and greatest edition — featuring a cover story about Atlanta-based performance artist/promoter Kemi Bennings and her acclaimed event Soul Sista’s Juke Joint — at several convenient retail shops or download  a digital version of the magazine right here: Slo*Mo Vol. 1, No. 7

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Coming May 4: Slo*Mo presents … Music Snob!

10277399_10152367640487342_4749811406366208121_nSunday, May 4, Slo*Mo Magazine presents another installment of Music Snob — the nightlife event for folks with discriminating tastes!

The Slo*Mo crew will be on hand serving up more great music — new soul sounds and classic stuff too — (supplied by DJ Larmarrous Shirley and special guest spinners) … and hot-off-the-presses copies of the May issue of Slo*Mo Magazine!

Have your ass in the place! Oh and it’s FREE, so you gotta come through!

8 p.m.-12 a.m. the Sound Table, 483 Edgewood Avenue.