Summer of Soul 2019

The temperature is rising in the streets of the ATL, which means it’s that time of year again — time for your homies at Slo*Mo magazine to unleash our annual Summer of Soul special. For 2019, we’re filling this edition with our selections for the best soul-flavored music, events, people and other goodies to check out this summer. And, no lie, we’ve packed more warm-weather niceness than ever in this year’s Summer of Soul. So, check out this year’s contents below and start scheduling a few months of super-dopeness in the city (and beyond).

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Now hear this: Brenda Nicole Moorer, BOSCO, Chantae Cann + more


Brenda Nicole Moorer

With summer now a (not-too-distant) memory and fall rolling in with cooler temps, we figured that it was a great time to survey the soundscape and take an inventory of some dope, locally produced music that’s been released in the past few months. Fact is, Atlanta-bred and –based artists, particularly those of the soul-flavored variety, have been busy this year, dropping tons of good stuff to listen and groove to. And to help you find the very best sounds to put in your earholes, we’ve compiled this list of 12 hometown notables with projects you need to grab. Take a look — and then take a listen.

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Win tickets to Shakara!


Check it out Fela Kuti fans … Slo*Mo is offering two chances to snag tickets to Spread Love’s annual celebration of all things Fela: Spread Love presents Shakara — Saturday, October 15, 2016 (featuring DJ Kemit, Rich Medina, Mausiki Scales & Common Ground Collective and many more)!

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Mo Sounds: Donnie, Latrese Bush + more

Slo*Mo is dedicated to bringing you the best in music on the regular. Case in point, check out some dope cuts that are out right now from some of Atlanta’s best artists (and one out of towner):


Donnie — “The American Mythology”: At the tail end of 2015, Atlanta soul heavyweight Donnie released a fresh new album, “The American Mythology” — his first since 2007’s “The Daily News.” The project, however, marks a shift for the acclaimed vocalist; songs on the album were crafted more as ensemble pieces instead of vehicles for the singer’s solo expression. The end result is a sound that’s more akin to a Broadway musical’s soundtrack than a straight-up, radio-ready song … and, yo, that’s DOPE. At a time when the music industry needs an injection of creativity, “The American Mythology” is a courageous journey in a bold, new sonic direction. Honestly, it would be amazing if more independent artists did what Donnie has done here: Create a project that couldn’t be made if you were signed to a regular record label. So, let’s celebrate this truly artistic endeavor by snagging a copy or three. More info:

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