The art + commerce of Marryam Moma

Slo*Mo dedicates each edition of our “Unheard” column to shining a spotlight on creative folks in Atlanta who are making noise outside of the world of music. This time around, we turn the focus on enterprising artist Marryam Moma.

Slo*Mo: You’re both an entrepreneur, with your company Yamerra, and a visual artist specializing in collage. How would you describe both pursuits to folks who’ve never heard of you?

Marryam Moma: Yamerra is my baby; it’s a natural, eco- friendly skin care brand I created about 8 years ago. It was really designed for my personal skin care needs, but after getting a lot of positive feedback, I developed it into a brand that everyone can enjoy using on a daily basis. For Le Collage D’Art, what I’ve come to call my collage artwork, I use repurposed materials — anything that’s already had a pre-used life — and find ways to redesign them to bring beauty to the viewer or owner of the art.

What do you have planned for those two endeavors in 2019?

This year, I have plans to open a brick-and-mortar space for Yamerra. I can’t go into details yet, but I want to use the space as a platform to display everything I do — art, products and services. Ultimately, I’d like to get the Yamerra line [which includes handcrafted soaps, oils and more] in at least 10 stores — primarily niche boutiques — by the end of 2019. As far as the art, I’m currently shifting my thinking about the materials behind the pieces I create and how I’m putting it together to increase the shelf-life of my work.

Any words of wisdom to other business owners and artists trying to grow their projects?

To all the artist and entrepreneurs: Don’t give up, master your craft … and, something I’m going to incorporate as well in 2019, learn to release white-knuckle control of our brands and our businesses! That includes hiring other people. I think we grow bigger, and exponentially so, when we’re able to bring in other people who believe in our dream and believe that they can add value. So welcome that and relish that and thrive.

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