Algebra Blessett and Anthony David open up about ‘Heaven’

ATL soul royalty Anthony David (left) and Algebra Blessett (Photo by Atta Junior.)

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard any new music from celebrated soul singers/musicians Algebra Blessett and Anthony David.

They, of course, have become known on a global level for crafting numerous beloved solo albums and singles — and they scored a major hit more than 10 years ago when they joined forces to record the DJ Kemit-produced duet “4evermore.” But over the past few years, the pair hasn’t officially dropped any new tracks for the general public … that is until today, with the release of “Heaven.” The song (produced by Eddie “Gypsy” Stokes) brings David and Blessett together once again, Voltron style, to put their own spin on the BeBe and CeCe Winans classic.

I recently had a brief chat with the Atlanta-based dynamic duo and found out more about the making of “Heaven”:

Carlton Hargro: This being your first new duet since 2011, what made you pick this particular song? Why a cover song, and why an inspirational/gospel song?

Anthony David:
Well, damn, Carlton — thanks for the time reminder! LOL.
Algebra Blessett: Because it’s a classic. I’ve always shared my influences all along the way, at least one song per album anyway. This song was always bigger to me than the genre it was in. The Winans were always very good at spreading their message like that.

You’ve created some magical musical moments together in the past, but what inspired you to record together again?

Algebra: We are always doing stuff, and this is a time we’ve chosen to start sharing it. “4evermore” is the biggest hit both of us have. We get booked together all the time, and perform songs like this and a few others in our live set. Our audience always wants to take these home with them, so we’re finally putting them out formally.

Does this single signal even more new music on the horizon? Do either one of you have more releases in the pipeline?

Anthony: Hmmmm … MAAAAYBEEEE (wink wink).

To stream or download “Heaven” by Anthony David and Algebra Blessett, follow this link: And to hear this song and tons more ATL soul cuts, listen to Slo*Mo Radio!

— Carlton Hargro