Anthony David shifts gears … via the music of Bill Withers

Vocalist/musician Anthony David

For most folks, the coming of summer means the start of some serious, sun-soaked downtime — chill-tastic stints at festivals, cookouts, beaches, etc. But for Atlanta’s community of music makers (just like other creative cats from across the nation), the coming of summer signals the beginning of what could be their busiest time of year.

Take veteran ATL-based vocalist/musician Anthony David, for example. David — who brought us hits like “Words,” “4evermore,” and his latest album “Hello Like Before: The Songs of Bill Withers” — has a summer “vacation” planned that’s filled with work … of the career- and life-altering kind. “Summer, and the rest of ’19 is basically just a reset,” he said in a recent conversation, before heading off to perform a string of dates in Australia. “The Bill Withers tribute album has been picking up more attention, so I’ve been touring on that and living in that space. I’m moving to a different part of the city; that part has been good for creativity. I’m itching to get [some new music] done and out. Something by fall.”

This summertime revamp for the Grammy-nominated, Savannah-born singer also includes bringing on a new team to support his endeavors and engaging more with local audiences.

“I have new management, paired up with folks who live in the city and are more tapped into what I do here and what Atlanta means as an industry powerhouse. I love Atlanta, and I just wanna be more of a presence based on the movement and era I represent,” he explained. “This new team recognizes that and knows how to make that happen.”

His increased presence in the local scene starts taking shape July 5 via an all-Bill Withers concert — or what David calls “the ‘love presentation’ for the tribute album that we never did an official release for [in Atlanta].” And, he tells us, there’s more hometown goodness where that came from. “I plan on doing a series [of shows] for not only the ‘Hello Like Before’ album, but one by one, cover to cover, for all my albums over this next period.”

That’s the kind of summer we’re pretty damn sure Anthony David fans can’t wait to get a load of.