Mo Sounds: Donnie, Latrese Bush + more

Slo*Mo is dedicated to bringing you the best in music on the regular. Case in point, check out some dope cuts that are out right now from some of Atlanta’s best artists (and one out of towner):

Atlanta soul legend Donnie (center, in hat)

Donnie — “The American Mythology”: At the tail end of 2015, Atlanta soul heavyweight Donnie released a fresh new album, “The American Mythology” — his first since 2007’s “The Daily News.” The project, however, marks a shift for the acclaimed vocalist; songs on the album were crafted more as ensemble pieces instead of vehicles for the singer’s solo expression. The end result is a sound that’s more akin to a Broadway musical’s soundtrack than a straight-up, radio-ready song … and, yo, that’s DOPE. At a time when the music industry needs an injection of creativity, “The American Mythology” is a courageous journey in a bold, new sonic direction. Honestly, it would be amazing if more independent artists did what Donnie has done here: Create a project that couldn’t be made if you were signed to a regular record label. So, let’s celebrate this truly artistic endeavor by snagging a copy or three. More info:

Latrese Bush — “Because of You”: ATL’s own Latrese Bush has linked up with rising soul superstar Noel Gourdin to bring the world “Because of You,” the melodic, super-crisp new single that invokes the best of late-1990s, feel- good R&B (you know, like Joe). Let’s hope this tune (and the snazzy video that goes with it) means we’ll be hearing more new music from Bush in 2016 and beyond. More info:

Kameron Corvet — “Leave It Like That (Remix)”: It probably seems like we write about Kameron Corvet in every issue of Slo*Mo … well that’s because the dude keeps on churning out fresh music. Case in point: The singer/ musician recently unveiled a hip-hop- fueled remix to his latest single, “Leave It Like That,” featuring bona fide rap god Consequence. Just go ahead and snag the track — and then prepare for the next banger. More info:

Cortney LaFloy — “One Kiss”: House music-flavored singer (and dancer) Cortney LaFloy has finally dropped a follow-up to her massive hit “Dance 4 You”; the new tune, titled “One Kiss,” teams LaFloy with producer Alex Millet for a tune that’s heavy on beat … and also melody. As a matter of fact, that may be the key to LaFloy’s music industry success. On top of that, we know for sure she has another song up her sleeve that could be released at any moment. Keep listening for more. More info:

Alex Isely — “Luxury”: A great many soul heads first heard singer Alex Isley, daughter of the iconic Ron Isley of the Isley Brothers, when she made a guest appearance on drummer Brandon Williams’ song “Leave Love Be.” The good news is, she’s taken the cozy, vibey sound she pumped out on Williams’ album and expanded on it for her new, full-length project, “Luxury.” Check out songs like “La Brea” and “string of Pearls” to get a full dose of her ethereal vocals painted across a sparse and airy bed of instrumentation. And although she’s Ron’s kid, her approach to songwriting and singing is totally her own. Take our word for it, and get your hands on “Luxury.” More info: