Mo Sounds: Janelle Monáe Strikes Back (Times 2)

Janelle Monáe: “Django Jane” + “Make Me Feel”

You probably don’t need us, the good folks at Slo*Mo, to tell you that Janelle Monáe released two new singles — the Prince-flavored “Django Jane” and “Make Me Feel,” a hook-less, boasty rap tune — in late February. But, hey, she’s one of Atlanta’s most celebrated music matriarchs (overseeing her Wondaland label/clique) and these new tracks take her into sexy, dangerous realms that she has yet to truly explore, so we had to drop a dime on ’em.

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Joi Gilliam: “Sir Rebekkah Holylove”

ATL-bred soul/rock goddess Joi Gilliam is gearing up to drop a brand-new album (titled “Sir Rebekkah Holylove”) in the coming months. But to get fans charged and ready for her latest collection of tunes, she recently unveiled the project’s first single: “Stare at Me.” The new track is a minimalistic yet aggressive song that boasts almost metal sonic sensibilities, plastered on top of a drum-driven, hip-hop-tinged soundscape. In other words, it’s classic Joi. Buy it.

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Michael Murani: “To Be Loved”

Keyboardist/singer Michael Murani is back with a fresh, new single — “To Be Loved” — which continues the evolution of his trademarked Meditative Funk style. Take a listen and you’ll hear the jazz and soul influences, focused through a vibed-out and trippy prism, paired with Murani’s ultra-mellow vocals.

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Russell Taylor: “Dance With Somebody”

Another slow jam worth snagging is NYC-based (and ATL-beloved) vocalist Russell Tayler’s rendition of the Whitney Houston classic “Dance With Somebody.” In Taylor’s hands, and reportedly with the blessing of the original songwriters, the up-tempo pop hit has been transformed into a sexed-up torch song. Grab a copy of his latest album, “Tin Man : The Blue,”
to hear “Dance With Somebody” and five other dope tracks.

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