Mo Sounds: Jermaine Hardsoul, Donnie + more must-hear music

Singer/producer Jermaine Hardsoul (far left) on the set of his video for “The Black Woman is God”

Presenting Mo Sounds, Slo*Mo’s monthly compilation of new (and not-so new) Atlanta-centric soul tunes.

Jermaine Hardsoul — “The Black Woman is God”: It’s good to see producer/vocalist Jermaine Hardsoul back on the scene with new music and a new video, especially one so relevant and righteous. More info:

June 19 — “The Colored Section: Digital Deluxe Edition”: When Slo*Mo launched back in 2013, we called Donnie’s “The Colored Section” one of the most important ATL soul albums of the 21st century. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that we consider the re-released version of the LP, dubbed “The Colored Section: Digital Deluxe Edition,” one of the most important albums of the year. This new edition features 16 bonus tracks — including singles like “Holiday,” unreleased material and a variety of remixes — all streaming for the first time. More info:

Eric Roberson — “Lessons”: Famed indie soul vocalist Eric Roberson is not based in Atlanta, but the dude is beloved by the city so much, he might as well be an honorary citizen. And all his fans will be happy to know that he’s got some new music out on the street. Check out his latest below, and keep your eyes peeled for info about his next visit to town.

Stan Zeff and Princess La Tremenda — “I Choose Me”: In case you missed it: DJ/producer Stan Zeff and international singer/songwriter Princess La Tremenda dropped the Afro-Latino-House-tinged EP “I Choose Me” at the end of May on Zeff’s Tambor record label. Take a listen below, and then download it for yourself. More info: