Allow us to reintroduce … the new

Photo-illustration by Slo*Mo Creative Director Larmarrous Shirley

ICYMI: Slo*Mo Media has been kicking around, serving up quality content about soul music and culture in Atlanta, since 2013.

In the early days, Slo*Mo took the form of a free, monthly-ish, poster-format print zine. Later, it evolved into other products like events, podcasts and more. In 2020, it evolved once again, transforming the print edition into a 7-by-7-inch (think 45-record size), quarterly, square bound magazine available for purchase from select ATL-based retailers and online.

Now, in 2021, Slo*Mo is evolving once again … this time making the leap from a crappy website to a pretty damn cool website.

Our goal in rebuilding, beyond just making it better looking and better functioning, is to make a site that serves as a home for the past, present and future of Slo*Mo — and, by extension, the artists, makers and visionaries we cover.

(Oh, and we definitely want to give major props to the digital agency/production studio PJUX, who built our spiffy new website. A lot of hours went into this project, and the folks at PJUX expertly guided the whole thing from concept to completion. If you have website needs, I’d highly recommend hitting them up at:

So what can you expect to see, hear and experience on this revived iteration of Along with a backlog of vintage articles, podcasts and more from the Slo*Mo archives (such as our “Atlanta’s 15 Most Important Soul Albums” list), we’ll also be posting brand-new content — everything from music and event recommendations to interviews, photos and other goodies — each and every week (check our new ATL Soul Weekly column). The site will also be your conduit to sign up for our forthcoming monthly newsletter, and it will give you first dibs to buy copies of the Slo*Mo print magazine and have it mailed straight to your door (on sale now). And that’s just the start. We’ve got lots more planned.

But enough blabbing. Go on and click around the site, and see what we’ve got for you here.

Peace … and thanks for hanging!

— The Slo*Mo Crew