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The new era of Slo*Mo Magazine continues with the release of our latest print issue — featuring singer/actor Brenda Nicole Moorer on the cover … plus: BOSCO, Kai Alcé, Donnie, Kipper Jones, Baby Rose, The Pheels, DJ Kemit, Mausiki Scales, Ruben Swift Vidal, Madam CJ + many, many more!

On sale now in Atlanta exclusively at Moods Music (1131 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307) — or buy the magazine online and get it mailed to your front door!

Mo Sounds: BOSCO, Julie Dexter & HC3, Jeff Bradshaw + more



BOSCO — “BOY”: The singer rocking the moniker BOSCO isn’t hanging in Atlanta as much as she used to these days, but her musical birth and evolution took place in the A, so she’ll always be linked to the city. That, obviously, makes her recent signing to the Fools Gold label an occasion that all ATLiens should be fucking ecstatic about. Even better: Her new deal paves the way for a spanking-new EP — titled “BOY” — set to debut June 2. “BOY” continues BOSCO’s journey into 1990s-esque soundscapes … reimagined, of course, for 21st century earholes. The EP is six- tunes deep and is propelled by the trap-meets-R&B-tinged title track, “BOY,” co-starring local rap hero Jace. More info: www. hellobosco.com.

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