Kameron Corvet talks Grammys, Sting and Shaggy, 2019 plans + more

Regular readers of Slo*Mo may notice that the focus of this article — Kameron Corvet — has graced the front of our print magazine more than any other artist since we hit the scene in 2013. His frequent appearances in our publication, however, aren’t due to favoritism or payola or anything ethically skewed like that. The fact is, the Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/musician just always has some dope stuff on tap.

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Slo*Mo Vol. 5, No. 2: Featuring Kameron Corvet + More

SloMoCover2018 (2)

This issue of Atlanta’s soul music and culture magazine — aka Slo*Mo — throws the spotlight on rising indie singer/songwriter Kameron Corvet, chatting with him about creating music “by any means necessary.”

Plus: We’re giving some shine to a bevy of new music by some of the top soul artists in Atlanta (and beyond) — folks like St. Beauty, Tasha LaRae and more.


Kameron Corvet talks ‘Early Riser’ and making hits by any means necessary


Kameron Corvet

When you’re an indie artist, getting your music into the hands of fans can be a helluva feat. Case in point — Kameron Corvet: The Atlanta-based singer/musician has been releasing acclaimed pop- and rock-tinged soul music since 2006, but without the backing of a label, he’s been forced to wear a multitude of hats — artist, publicist, A&R, etc. — making the task of dropping albums extra tough.

Despite the obstacles, Corvet has steadily cranked out new sounds on a regular basis … as evidenced by his newest EP, “Early Riser,” which hit the streets Dec. 1, 2017. The album is a continuation of the guitar-driven brand of music he’s become known for, and once again, he brought the project to life via the hard work of his-own-damn-self and that of his team. We recently checked in with Corvet to get a look at the challenges of making of his latest project — from a creative and a business POV.

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The Summer of Soul: Summer Soundtrack — Kameron Corvet, Royal, St. Beauty + More

Royal (Photo by Kaya Faery)

Royal (Photo by Kaya Faery)

One of the hallmarks of any great summer is the summer jam. You know what I’m saying: I’m talking about that song (or songs) that drops in or around the hot weather months and is so funky/fresh that it becomes your de facto soundtrack … at least until it starts getting chilly. Well, it turns out that a handful of Atlanta-dwelling (and/or ATL-affiliated) soul artists have stepped up to the plate this year to provide the city, the nation and the whole damn world with some seasonally dope anthems. Here’s a look at a few of the folks behind some of our favorite music of the moment:

Royal: In the last issue of Slo*Mo, we covered the record release party for the hip-hop/rock duo Royal (which went down at Apache Café and was dope as fuck), but we’re back writing about the crew now that its self-titled EP is, as of July 7, in stores. Made up of singer/musician Devon Lee and DJ/MC Mikeflo, Royal channels heaping helpings of sexual energy and political commentary into this debut project — the result is a multilayered collection of songs custom made for unabashed rocking out and analytical dissection. Driven by the single “Crash,” which features drumming legend Lil’ John Roberts on the track and “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” stars Ariane Davis and Mimi Faust in the video, the EP represents a true colliding of worlds … and that’s just what Mikeflo and Lee were going for. “It’s all connected to the culture,” says Lee. “It’s liberation. You have to be inclusive of everybody if you’re gonna reach anybody.” More info: allthewayroyal.com.

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